Paweł Więsyk - Photographs
Rainy Autumn: Golden Tree
Rainy Autumn: the Golden Birches
Rainy Autumn: Shrub and Climber
Zea Mays (Maize) III
Zea Mays (Maize) II
Zea Mays (Maize) I
Grass II
Pinus Sylvestris (Scots Pine)
At the Edge of the Winter Forest
Ghost of the Yellow Flower
Fields Stripes II
Vicia and Grass
Xanthoria Parietina
Physcia and Xanthoria
Stripes II - Elymus
Leaves and Light
Look Deep Into Silence
Hazel and Flowering Apple-Tree in Spring
Magnolia Stellata
Apple-Tree Branch
Polish Tatra Sheepdog
Red Mongrel Dog
Rudbeckia II
Frost on Wood II
Frost on Wood I
Salix Babylonica var. Pekinensis (Corkscrew Willow)
Grass And Wind
Wood And Wind